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Notice Board of the Library

Monday, October 3rd, in order to allow the partecipation of the Staff to solemn celebration SS. Mass of the Holy Spirit, the Library will close at 4 p.m.

Calendar Training, October-November 2016​

Room C 211, 13:15-14:45

Wednesday October 19th, Online Catalogue

Wednesday October 26th, Periodicals and Databases

Wednesday November 23th, Online Catalogue

Wednesday November 30th, Periodicals and Databases

Zotero for the Library ​of the Gregorian University

training session​

Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November 2016

Room C 008, 13:15-14:45

Document Delivery

The rule defines terms and conditions of the service offered from Library

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Document Delivery: statistics and trends

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User Education, Academic Year 2015-2016

Customer’s satisfaction survey about training courses

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New Acquisitions Weekly Bulletin (Books)

Monday, September 12th, 2016 - Friday, September 16th, 2016

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New Acquisitions Semiannual Bulletin (Periodicals)

January-June 2016

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Available on-line Patrologia Orientalis Database (POD)

POD is a collection of Patristic texts from the Christian East, including works, recorded in non-Latin languages, from geographical, cultural, or religious contexts somehow linked to Rome or the Eastern Roman Empire.

The database allow users to access texts included in the Patrologia Orientalis (PO) serie in two forms: the original text, available as a PDF file, and a searchable translation.

To access, please, refer to the Library’s Databases Page on website.

Available on-line Vetus Latina Database (VLD)

This database contains all the citation, listed by Book, chapter and verse of the Bible. The citations (over 300,000) can be searched individually or as a whole, following the Biblical structure. The search result is an image of the card file available in the Vetus Latina Institute.

To access, please, refer to the Library’s Databases Page on website.

Electronic Catalogue OseeGenius (OG): available new feature Search by Subject Area

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