Gregorianum Journal - Instructions for Contributors

Typographical Norms

The journal Gregorianum welcomes unpublished scientific articles in the following areas: Theology (biblical, fundamental, dogmatic, patristic, moral), Spirituality, Philosophy, as well as in other disciplines of the University, in particular Social Sciences and Psychology (three faculties have journals of their own: the Faculty of Canon Law, Periodica di re canonica; the Faculty of History and Cultural Heritage of the Church, Archivum historiae pontificiae; the Faculty of Missiology, Studia missionalia.

Gregorianum accept contributions written in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. Authors are encouraged to write in their mother tongue. If that language is not one of the six listed above, they should use the official language of the University they know best.

New contributors should include a copy of their curriculum vitae.

The length of texts submitted should not exceed 60,000 key-strokes, all-inclusive. The text, together with keywords and a short abstract of no more than 1,000 keystrokes, should be sent by e-mail, in Word, to gregorianum [at]

The abstract is to be written in the language of the article, but must be translated as follows:

  • into English, if the article is in French, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish;

  • into Italian, if the article is written in English or German.

Having consulted censors, the editorial board will reply within three months; it reserves itself the right to ask for corrections. Once the author has received acceptance for the article, and the necessary observations have been made, the corrected text is sent again by e-mail; this will be considered the definitive text. The author will receive the proofs, to verify the final presentation, but not to modify the text itself.

The terms of publication will be established by the editors. The author will receive two copies of the issue of Gregorianum in which the article is published, as well as a PDF version of the article.

Information follows Authors are asked to follow the typographical norms of the journal (173 Kb.)  To consult the Typographical Norms of the journal

Information follows Please use the following model for the impagination of the article (24 Kb.)  To download the model