Gregorianum Journal - Guidelines for Book Reviewers

Guidelines in PDF

Book-Reviewers may choose between two (even three) possibilities:

1. Recensiones (Book Reviews): seek to accomplish three key tasks::

  1. to present the basic structure and contents of the work;
  2. to identify particular characteristics of the book regarding the treated argument;
  3. to offer a judgment on the value of the work (from 4000 to 7000 keystrokes, spaces included).

2. Indicationes (Short Book Reviews) offer a brief outline of a book which is considered of some interest and importance (2500 keystrokes, spaces included).

Notae (Notes) are short articles that study and critically discuss one or more books recently published, of particular importance. These must be arranged beforehand with the editor of the journal (approx. 14.000 keystrokes, spaces included).

Within six months of receiving a copy of the book, the reviews should be sent in e-format to the appropriate review editor. If the text includes the use of an alphabet other than Latin (e.g. Hebrew, Greek, etc.), a hard-copy version is requested.

Reviewers are encouraged to write in their mother tongue. If their mother tongue is not one of the official language of the Gregorian University, reviewers should write in the official tongue most familiar to them and are responsible for checking the language.

Reviewers may retain the book reviewed as their own property if they really need it. Otherwise they return it to the Editorial Office when they hand in the review.

Normally the reviewers, both teachers and doctoral candidates, belong to the Gregorian University. However, Recensiones and Indicationes written by doctoral candidates must be approved by the moderator of the dissertation, before being delivered by him to the book review editor of his field.

Libri nostri (Books by "ours") are books written by our professors. The authors themselves are invited to offer an objective presentation of their own work, indicating its structure, its contents, the distinctiveness of its contribution to the theme treated, etc. (maximum 2500 keystrokes, spaces included). This presentation should be submitted not later than one year after the publication of the work.

Information follows To consult the Guidelines for Book Reviewers in pdf (19 Kb.)  To consult the Guidelines for Book Reviewers in pdf