The form 'Richieste volumi del magazzino' The form "Richieste volumi del magazzino"


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Books located in the Closed Stacks (Magazzino)

Books located in closed stacks and whose location shelf code begins with the indication Mag., BEV, Fag., Ved., Sidic, FW, can be requested by completing the specific form. This form should be placed in the request box at the Distribution Service.

Each person is allowed to request a maximum of 12 books per day (cfr. Library Hours).

Books located in the Reading Rooms

Books located in the reading rooms can be consulted directly from the shelves.

They are about 70.000 books and are mostly reference books, such as encyclopaedias, directories, dictionaries, textbooks, commentaries, handbooks.

Books located in the different Reading Rooms have location shelf code beginning with the indication S.L., Soc. (ex Social Sciences Seminario), Arte (Arte Reading Room), SIDIC/S.L.

All above mentioned books are exempt from Maneat Service (cfr. Loan Service).

Books located in the Riserva

Books located in the Riserva, whose shelf list code begins with the indication Ris. (ancient, precious books and rare editions, precious books of every historical period and books published before 1800), are to be requested from authorized personnel on completing a special form (cfr. Library Holdings) .

The Riserva books can only be consulted in a designated reading room. (cfr. Library Hours).

Periodicals: current and back issues

All the periodicals, current and back issues, are directly available to users.

They are located in the various reading rooms and grouped by disciplinary domain (cfr. Periodicals Classification System).

After consultation, single issues or the bound volumes are to be returned to their proper place on the shelves (cfr. Library Hours).