Document Delivery

The Document Delivery Service is suspended from July 17th 2017 to September 10th 2017.

Requests sent in the above mentioned period will not be considered.

Through this service users can get journal articles not owned by the Library, as long as it is permitted by current copyright law.

Services include:

On request for external users (not resident at Rome)

The request, exclusively concerning journal articles, has to be sent through ACNP online.

Photocopies requested are sent by mail, by fax or by postal service to the address indicated by the requester.

On request for internal users

This service is provided for professors and students of Pontifical Gregorian University.

Requests for only journal articles can be submitted by filling out the online form.

The documents requested should be retired at Periodicals Service (on balcony of Reading Room 1) from Monday to Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm.

Unusually documents can be send by mail.

It is recommended that can be requested maximum 3 documents for each students in a month.