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Library Reference Guide - October 2015

Through this Guide the Library intends to make easier the knowledge of her holdings and services for a proper use of them.



The Library: Who, Where, When, for Whom



Subject areas of specialization



User categories and conditions of access

The Library: What it Contains

Bibliographical Resources

  • Books
  • Periodicals
  • Special Fonds
  • Doctoral Dissertations
  • Electronic resources: databases and electronic periodicals

Areas and Tools for:

  • Conservation of documents
  • User services
  • Semantic classification of documents

The Library: How it Works

Services: what they are and how they work

  • Electronic catalog (OPAC - Online Public Access Catalog)
  • Card catalogs
  • On-site use of Library resources
  • Book loans
  • Electronic resources: databases and electronic periodicals
  • Books for "Professorsí Courses"
  • Reproduction of material
  • New acquisitions online bulletins
  • New acquisitions exhibitions
  • Guided tours
  • User education: meetings concerning the use of the OPAC, databases and electronic periodicals
  • Reference service
  • Use of personal computer
  • Online showcase

Behavior in the Library

Details of Library Regulations

The Library: Areas Accessible to Users

Floor plans

The Library: Whom to Consult

Services, contact numbers, addresses

The Library: Recent Publications