Electronic Periodicals

Electronic Periodicals: catalog and access

To access Full Text Finder

The Library makes available access from the University network to more than 2.000 electronic journals. Many of these electronic periodicals are held by the Library in the printed version too. The electronic periodicals are made accessible by the virtual catalog Full Text Finder Publication.

The virtual catalog allows you to search easily for any journal, Italian or foreign, which is part of the Library's collection, including all our publications open access. You can search by title, publisher, ISSN or subject area.

For each journal are specified the source, that hosts the contents, and a direct link to reach the articles available in full text.

By typing a title, the responsive auto-complete anticipates research, presenting the most searchable publications.

Once you have completed the search, Full Text Finder Publication presents a list in alphabetical order, allowing you to reach the source hosting articles.

A useful search box located below the title of the publication enables to search directly the contents of the journal with a valid subscription.

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Electronic Periodicals: find article-level access

The E-Journals database provides article-level access for thousands of e-journals available through EBSCO Subscription Services. For users with a valid subscription, EBSCO's SmartLinks technology provides direct links to publishers' content.

EJS E-Journal Access

Electronic Periodicals: free access on the Web

The Library brings to the attention the service free access on the Web DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals. This Service offers full-text articles published on more 2.500 scholarly electronic periodicals and concerning different disciplinary subject areas.

User Education

The Library organizes informative-formative meetings on the use of this Service.