To preserve the books

a book tower of six floors (closed stacks, Magazzino);

a large room capable of preserving 230.000 volumes (Traspontina Stacks).

For users

5 reading rooms

90 reading desks and 400 seats;

13 PC to interrogate the Library catalogue, Urbe catalogues and catalogue of some most important italian and worldwide libraries.

a wide room for the Distribution of books held in the closed stacks and for the self-service photocopying;

Photocopying machines for the photocopying in self service;

a room for the Electronic Resources Service with 6 PC to interrogate data bases, electronic periodicals and Internet;

Wireless Service to allow users to connect to the Electronic Resources Service and Internet by their personal notebooks;

a room for showing the new acquisitions (new books and new periodicals issues);

a reading room for consultation of Riserva books (ancient, precious books, rare editions,..);

a reading room for consultation of books concerning the Art disciplinary domain;

2 rooms for Card Catalogues.