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Periodica de re canonica Journal

Periodica de re canonica, more frequently called Periodica, is the journal of the Faculty of Canon Law of the Pontifical Gregorian University.

Beyond studies and canonical research, the journal publishes comments regarding rotal sentences and decrees of the Apostolic Signatura. The conferences of "Colloqui" of alumni of the faculty are also produced.

The first issue of each year reports a bibliographic list with recent publications in the field of canon law. The fourth issue presents details regarding the doctoral dissertations from within the Faculty: the arguments put forth by students, defended dissertations, and those that have been published.

The journal is open to contributions from professors of the Faculty, rotal judges, curial officials, those who work in tribunals, and other canonists. Sometimes the results of more interesting doctoral dissertations from within the Faculty are published. The task of the journal is to consider new developments in canonical doctrine, Church legislation and administration, and to be open to new horizons in reflection on ecclesial reality.

Each volume (annual) of Periodica is published in four issues of about 700 pages in total. Articles can be written in Latin, Italian, French, English, Spanish and German.

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