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To contact the Registrarís Office To send a message to the Registrar To consult the Web Page of the Office of the Registrar

Students can contact the Registrar's Office for:

  • enrolment to the new academic year;
  • management of the test of the Italian language;
  • management of ordinary exam sessions: final examination sessions, reservations, calendars and verbal exams issue;
  • preparing and issuing of badges, certificates, diplomas, diploma supplements, pre-enrolment certificate and other certification;
  • management of the academic calendar and classrooms;
  • calculation of academic degree (except for the 3rd Cycle);
  • students archive consultation.

Online services for the Students University Publications Find in the Website

  • visualization of the Plans of Study, academic notes, grades, Italian test results, and academic degrees;
  • calendar of courses and of final examination sessions;
  • schedules, classrooms and professors of the courses and seminars;
  • dates, schedules, classrooms and Boards of examiners for the exam sessions;
  • forms, regulations, calendar of the 3rd Cycle doctoral defenses;
  • warnings and information on various activities.
  • pubblicazioni dell'Universitŗ (Ordo, Academic Programs, Liber Annualis, Periodicals and Series of the University, ecc.)