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1. Condition for Admittance

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Admittance to the University (essential requirement for enrolment), pertaining exclusively to the Dean or Director, is granted on the basis of the evaluation of the documents submitted by the candidate related to the studies previously carried out.

Admittance is granted for the course of study and for the academic year for which the request was made and is void if it is not followed by registration and enrolment, which gives the student the right to attend lessons.

2. Categories of Students

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Students are divided into ordinary, extraordinary and guests.

Students aspiring to academic degrees or other qualifications are called "ordinary";

"Extraordinary" students are those who complete a specified curriculum in the Faculty, but do not intend, however, to acquire academic degrees at this University or do not yet have the necessary requirements to obtain them;

"Guests" are those students who attend only a few courses (up to a maximum of 3 per semester).

Finally, students enrolled over the duration of the cycle are called "students with incompletes".

3. General provisions regarding studies

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The enrolment and registration as an ordinary student to a higher cycle without having attained the title of the previous cycle is void; except for specific cases, for special cases the Dean may grant the student enrolled as out during the cycle to be completed, to frequent some courses of the upper cycle, so that these exams are then recognized him once the cycle has ended, if he meets all the requirements for enrolment in the next cycle.

For the completion of a course of study, the student has a maximum term of nine years from the enrolment in the cycle.

It is forbidden to enroll at several Universities or Pontifical Universities or Pontifical or civil Institutes , or to different Faculties or Institutes of the Gregorian University itself to obtain academic degrees. The dual enrolment and any examinations made will be canceled.

4. Study Plan

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4.1 Procedure to be followed for the presentation of the study plan

4.2 Changes in the Study Plan

Any changes, approved in advance by the Dean / Director, may be carried out from October 23, 2019 to October 31, 2019 (for the first half) and from February 24, 2020 to February 28, 2020 (for the second half) using the online procedure and delivered to the Registrar's Office.

Besides these dates, it will be possible any change only after obtaining, in addition to the signature of the Dean / Director, also that of the Academic Vice-Rector. The student will have to go to the Registrar's Office for the completion of the practice and subsequently to the Cash Office for the payment of the respective fee (see special taxes).

The cancellation of the courses from the study plan may take place throughout the year by the Dean / Director who authorized the study plan.

4.3 Other useful information

Students are required to attend the lectures, seminars, exercises (cf. Statuta, Title 7, Art. 69, § 2) and complete the credits that the Statutes and Regulations of each Faculty determine. Therefore, students who accumulate absences equal to one third of the lessons of a course / seminar etc. lose the right to take the examination.

The Gregorian University allows only ordinary and extraordinary students the inclusion in the Study Plan of the PIB and PIO courses, subject to permission of the respective Deans / Directors.

It is forbidden the use of recording devices during class without the Professor explicit permission.

12.5 Valutazione dei corsi

L'Università al termine di ogni semestre sottopone a valutazione tutti i tipi di corsi da parte degli studenti attraverso una procedura online che viene attivata per un tempo stabilito.