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New students who need a visa to enter Italy can get for free from the Registrar's Office of the University the "Pre-enrolment" certificate that allows them to request in the Italian Consulate of their country of origin, the "Entry Visa and stay in Italy for study".

In Italy it is not allowed to change a tourist visa into a student visa.

the "Pre-enrolment" certificate must be authenticated by the Congregation for Catholic Education and endorsed by the Secretariat of State.


To obtain a certificate of "Pre-enrolment", it is necessary to submit to the Dean of the Faculty where one wishes to enroll the following documents:

1. For religious and diocesan candidates:

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2. For lay candidates:

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If the Dean welcomes the documents received, he requests the Registrar's Office to draw up the certificate of pre-registration.

Requests for pre-registration to the new year received after July 15 will be processed on the reopening of the administrative activities in the month of September. For more information or to present special cases, please contact the Registrar's Office.