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The application

The online forum offers students and their professors and assistants a place to meet and discuss online.

Each course began in the semester can have an online forum in which the professor includes the discussion topics (a text with an attachment, if any).

Online discussion consists of a topic and the related comments made by the various students and professor participating in it. After the inclusion by the professor of a topic of discussion in the forum, the students - and the professor - can comment on that subject.

A comment is basically a personal opinion on a topic of discussion, or a response to the comment of another participant, either student or professor.

Who can participate

Participation in courses online forum is restricted to students from the Gregorian University and to their professors and assistants. Students can participate in the forum of the course to which they are enrolled; professors can start a forum for each course undertaken in the semester.

How to access to the forum of a course

The online forum application is accessible from the Website of the Gregorian University. The authentication of the participants (students and professors) is done with the registration number and password issued by the Registrar's Office.

Students have access to the forum of their courses from the "Course Sheet" of the "Professors / Courses" environment. Clicing on the icon, the student can log to the online forum application.

Professors have access to the forums of their courses from the "Online Services" section of the Website.

To facilitate participation

The participants, if they wish, can be informed by e-mail of the presence of new topics and comments made about a particular course.

The online forum application is totally bilingual (Italian and English), so that it can welcome a larger number of students.