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Civil Recognition in Italy of Academic Qualifications issued by the Pontifical Gregorian University

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The Pontifical Gregorian University is on the list of the Faculties and Ecclesiastical Universities approved by the Holy See, in accordance with the provisions of art. 40 of the Lateran Concordat signed between the Holy See and the Italian Republic.

In accordance with the legislation in force in Italy (Article 10, 2 of the Law March 25, 1985 no. 121, published in the ordinary supplement to the Official Gazette no. 85 of April 10, 1985, and Decree of the President of the Republic, February 2, 1994 No. 175, published in the Official Gazette no. 62 of March 16, 1994), following the Concordat Agreement of revision, the academic qualifications of Bachelor and Licentiate in the disciplines of Theology (in all its specializations, including Spirituality) and Sacred Scripture are recognized by the Italian State.

The student must submit an application form, together with the required documents, to the Ministry of University and Research, Office IX, who once received a favorable opinion from the National University Council, shall approve it.

Consequently, it is necessary to ask the Registrarís Office for:

To get academic qualifications recognized or taken into account by the academic authorities of civil Faculties or by civil authorities it is necessary to: