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1. Purpose

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The scholarships are aimed exclusively at the payment of the tuition fees, and are generally partial (for an aggregate amount equal to the half of the total).

2. Future students enrolling in the next academic year in the 1st or 2nd cycle, or Diploma

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3. Students already enrolled in the 1st or 2nd cycle or for Diploma

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4. Students enrolled in the Third Cycle

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5. Documentation

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  1. For all (Diocesan Religious, Laity). A personal letter from the applicant addressed to the Rector's Delegate for the Scholarships Office, in which you shall submit a request for scholarship and answer to the following questions:
    1. whether studies are undertaken by your own choice or by the will of your superiors;
    2. the purpose of your studies and / or any assignment that you will take following the completion of studies;
    3. your own economic situation, that of the family or Institution to which you belong;
    4. whether the remaining study, accommodation, food and health costs are supported by the proceeds of your work, from the aid received by the family members, college, private or other Institutions.
  2. For seminarians and diocesan priests and religious and only for the first request. A letter from their Bishop or Major Superior stating:
    1. the course of study that the candidate must carry out;
    2. the indication of the place of residence of the student in Rome;
    3. the indication of financial aid offered for the food, housing, health care and the cost of studying of the student during his stay in Rome;
    4. the acknowledgment of the difficulties of the Diocese or the Institute to provide for the payment of tuition fees.
  3. Only for PhD students. In addition to the letters referred to in points a and b, a notice letter of the Moderator of the thesis, delivered in a sealed envelope or sent by email to the Rector's Delegate for the Scholarships Office, in which it is testified the status of the thesis, whether the student is still conducting a search or began the drafting stage, if it is possible to make predictions about the end of his doctoral work.


6. Santander Scholarships

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Programa de becas y ayudas

The Scholarship and Financial Aid Programme, issued by the co-operation between the Banco Santander International and the Pontifical Gregorian University, aims at providing yearly help to students.

It wants to facilitate and foster studentsí participation in the diverse curricula proposed by the Pontifical Gregorian University, thus making it possible for them to complete their studies and formation and, consequently, to access employment in their Countries of origin and local churches.