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1. Services included in the Academic Fees

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The University offers some free services to regularly enrolled students in order to promote the study activities and to facilitate the insertion of everybody in the study and in the community and ecclesial life environment of the University.

Library To consult the Library Website

Access to the Library (C115). It is the privileged service for students and professors to acquire and develop the necessary knowledge during their studies.

Chaplaincy of the University To consult the Website of the University Ministry

Services of the University Ministry (L009). It includes the daily Mass, spiritual accompaniment, Lectio Divina and spiritual exercises, that are services coordinated by many members of the educational community at students and professors disposal.

Students Relationship Office To consult the Web Page of the Students Relationship Office

Relations Students Office (L001). It is concerned with the welfare within the University and the promotion of initiatives in order to create a university community.

Foreign Students Office To consult the Web Page of the Office for Foreign Students

Foreign Students Office (L002). It offers a free advisory service aimed at providing for EU and non-EU students a qualified support to fulfill the formalities required for their stay in the Italian territory.

Student's Club

Students' Club (LS003). It is a room with about 80 seats with the necessary equipment to store and reheat ready food, as well as a fair number of lockers for your personal use.

Online Services To access the Online services for Students

It is available the use of online services through a portal for students and the use of the wireless network in all the University areas. The help service for the use of the wireless network is carried out by the Information Systems To consult the Website of the Information Systems

2. Services on favorable terms

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Furthermore, there are other services offered at particularly favorable conditions for students and professors.

Photocopy Service

The Photocopy Service (C114), in addition to the various copy machines, is available to students in the Library and on the different floors of the buildings of the University.

Delivery Service

The Service of delivery (L017) is at the disposal of students, offered in collaboration with a company of shipments.

GBPress Bookshop To consult the GBPress Website

The GBPress Bookshop (CA02) serves students for the purchase of dispensations of the professors courses, of the publishing publications (books and magazines) and other scientific publications (Italian and foreign), suggested by professors in support of their courses and researches guided by them.

Ottica La Fege To consult the ’Ottica La Fege’ Web page

Da più di 15 anni, l'Ottica La Fege esegue esame della vista computerizzato gratuito presso il Centro Medico dell'Università (sala LS 01) ogni martedì e giovedì dalle ore 13,30 alle ore 15,00.

L'Ottica La Fege offre lo sconto del 30% agli appartenenti alla Pontificia Università Gregoriana o ai loro conoscenti.

Nel proprio negozio situato a tre minuti di strada dall'Università (Ottica La Fege, Via Piè di Marmo 9 - tel. 06 678 16 73), si può provare una vasta scelta di montature.

GregCafé To consult the GregCafé Web page

The University Bar - GregCafè (C011), is open every day and reserved to students, professors, guests and staff of the University.

Courses in ancient and modern languages

The University, in accordance with the Institutes and Schools in Rome, offers its students the opportunity to take advantage of special conditions for enrolment in ancient and modern languages courses.

Special prices are exclusively offered to the students of the Gregorian Consortium, then enrolled in the Gregorian University (PUG), in the Pontifical Biblical Institute (PIB) and in the Pontifical Oriental Institute (PIO).

Therefore it is necessary, at the time of enrolment, to be made at the respective location of the school, that the students exhibit their card or the provisional certificate proving their enrolment.

The list of the Institutes and Schools is available in the Ordo Anni Academici.