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The Office for the Development of Multimedia Teaching and the use of New Media offers consulting and support services to teachers who want to introduce multimedia communication tools into their courses or need to improve the use of graphics, slides, video and audio and to prepare materials for students to facilitate learning in the stages of understanding, memorization and review.

The Office collects and analyzes documentation on topics related to multimedia teaching, learning, developments in neuroscience as much as it is interesting for teaching, and e-learning in its various forms (see Documentation section)

In the academic year 2017-2018 several experiments were carried out (see Experimentation section) which led to the definition of intervention models adapted to the reality of our University, where multimedia teaching becomes a support and not a substitute for frontal teaching. of lessons or seminars.

In the academic year 2018-2019, research will continue on topics such as:

  • new forms of university textbooks;
  • learning objects;
  • recording and graphical treatment of single lessons and complete courses;
  • support for cooperative teams of teachers;
  • e-learning with transcriptions / translations;
  • cooperation actions with other universities

Individual and group support is also offered, where possible, to students (Phd and License) multimedia presentation of theses and dissertations.


Alessandro Canessa Sattanino
Development Office for
multimedia teaching and new media
Office C112
+39 06 6701.5929


In this section you find links to Gregorian University experimentations published on YouTube

Reference is made, when appropriate, to e-learning activities of other institutions.

The ongoing experimentation on the course on History of Medieval Church by Fr. Paul Oberholzer, sj is published at the link:

The shooting of the JDEI - Joint Diploma in Ecologia Integrale, 2018 edition made possible by a collaboration between the Pontifical Universities of Rome, is published in full at the channel

Four initial experiments (presentations of a seminar and a complementary course; a prototype of an history lesson; a dialogue between two experts on Laudato si’) are published in a playlist of the “unigregoriana” YouTube channel at the link:


Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt

1) Multimedia teaching and the future of Universities
The first and most complete handbook on Multimedia Learning Richard E. Mayer (Ed.) The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning (2014) To consult the document
From the “disruptive innovation” guru …
Clayton M. Christensen, Henry J. Eyring The Innovative University – Changing the DNA of Higher Education from the Inside Out (2011)
To consult the document
S1-1 The 2018 Online Trends in Education Report (by To consult the document
S1-2 The Future of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is a report from the Rochester Institute of Technology analyzing the combined effect of demography, technology and economics on the University life, all convergent in asking for a deep reform of our system (2011, but still actual). To consult the document
2) E-learning
Introducing e-learning in the University: stategy and methods. From a pioneer!
Marc J. Rosenberg e-Learning - Strategies for delivering knowledge in the digital age (2001)
To consult the document
3) Other Books
A fundamental book explaining interaction between orality and literacy and the way we think and build scientific knowledge. It contains all the premises to undestand the impact of multimedia language on our learning and thinking process. Walter J. Ong Oralità e scrittura – Le tecnologie della parola (terza edizione del 2012 con capitoli aggiuntivi di John Hartley)

The english text of the second edition can be downloaded at:
To consult the document

To consult the document
4) Conferences and TedTalks
Five years ago, one on the founders of the Coursera MOOC platform made an assessment on online teaching (MOOC).
NB: Remember: you can activate good subtitles!!
To consult the document
A very amusing video. Prof Chiristensen of Harvard Business School tells the way he had been approached by a University offering e-learning couses and how he was impressed by the methodology (“Am I that good at teaching?”) His ten lessons were sold to 10.000 students! There he understood the disruptive innovation hitting University system. The entire video is worthwile but the link starts at the hilarious moment when he comments on his lessons…. NB: very good subtitles can be activated… he speaks very clearly in english so the translation is good. To consult the document


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