• Accademic Unit
    Institute of Spirituality
  • Course
    Licentiate in Spiritual Theology

Objectives: Once the course has clarified the relation between spirituality/theology and mysticism/mystical theology, it will help participants understand Ignatian and Jesuit mysticism by reading and analysing some selected writings of Ignatius himself and a few Jesuit Mystics. Subsequently, it will tackle vexed questions which still mark mystical life and prayer today, such as passivity, purification, perception of God in daily life, and working. Contents: 1-2. The Mystic and his Experience. 3-4 Ignatius’ Mysticism: Transition from the Spiritual Exercises to the Spiritual Journal. 4. Peter Faber: Liberty and Personal Limits. 5-6. Antonio Cordeses and Baltasar Álvarez: Mysticism on Trial. 7. Achille Gagliardi: Mystical Annihilation. 8. Mysticism: an Answer to the Spiritual crisis of a Religious Order? 9-10. Louis Lallemant and the Spiritual Doctrine. 11-12. Jean-Joseph Surin: Experience of Hell and Mystical Deliverance. Methodology: Lectures with the possibility of debates during class. Evaluation: Oral exam at the end of the course.


  • Semestre: 1° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3



Lesson schedule/Room

Semester Day From To Room Floor Building Notes
1° Semestre Mercoledì 8.30 9.15 C009 0 Centrale
1° Semestre Mercoledì 9.30 10.15 C009 0 Centrale


  • Primary sources will be indicated by the lecturer at the beginning of the courses. Secondary sources: Actualité de la mystique ignatienne. Colloque 20-21 octobre 2000, Cahier de Spiritualité 1, Centre Sèvres – Facultés Jésuites de Paris,  Médiasèvres, Paris 2001; T. Bartók, Un interprète et une interprétation: Le Père Louis Lallemant et sa Doctrine spirituelle au carrefour de l’histoire, de l’analyse institutionnelle et de la pensée d’auteurs jésuites antérieurs et contemporains, Gregorian & Biblical Press, Roma 2016; R. A. Maryks (ed.), A Companion to Jesuit Mysticism, Brill, Boston 2017; Zas Friz De Col, R., “Breve introducción a la mística ignaciana del s. XVI”, in Ignaziana ( 16 (2013) 201-235