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    Facoltà di Teologia
  • Course
    Baccalaureato in Teologia

The aim of the seminar is to give a panoramic view of theology in a
Mariological perspective. The seminar will approach the economy of salvation
in a synthetic way with particular reference to the following three aspects,
under whose heading concrete theological questions will be selected
which have a bearing on the whole system.
Creation: Meaning and importance of synthesis and method in theology,
the nature of man and woman, modern science, creation and ecology.
Incarnation: Mariological dimensions of the Incarnation and Redemption.
Eschatology: The Christian meaning of death, cosmology and the last
things, the parusia.
Metodo d’insegnamento: Presentation in aula and discussion.
Modalità di valutazione: Evaluation will take place via a presentation
in aula and an elaboratum at the end of the semester.


  • Semestre: 1° Semestre
  • ECTS: 4



Lesson schedule

Semester Day From To Room Floor Building Notes
1° Semestre Martedì 15 15.45 L309 3 Lucchesi
1° Semestre Martedì 16 16.45 L309 3 Lucchesi


  • P. HAFFNER, Mystery of Creation (Leominster, 2010); P.
    HAFFNER, The Mystery of Mary (Leominster, 2004).

Lecture notes

This course does not have handouts


Date Hours Room Exam From Letter To Letter Note
Jan 22, 2020 . . Homework A Z La data è indicativa, per la consegna dell'elaborato rispettare le scadenze e modalità previste.