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    Baccalaureato in Teologia

Contents: This seminar presents a specific theme that covers the
entire biblical text, the one concerning blessing and election. Through this
common thread we will examine relevant passages of the Old Testament
tradition in order to identify the symbolisms and the typical characters of
blessing and election and to understand its sacramental value. Trough this
seminar it will be possible to study in depth significant aspects of biblical
theology, and to analyze specific pericopes also from the exegetical point of
view, in order to transmit a method of reading the texts.
ANNO ACCADEMICO 2019-2020 143
Aims: Students are introduced to the practice of biblical research and
are stimulated to present a theme of biblical theology in an organic way,
learning how to use the main instruments of study. At the end of the seminar,
they will know the characteristics of blessing and election in the biblical
context, and their symbolic values; they will know how to read a biblical
passage and identify its salient features; they will be able to apply the
method of exegetical research to the texts examined; through the acquired
methodology, they will develop the ability to do biblical research and to
apply the acquired knowledges in the spiritual and pastoral field.
Method: The teacher will explain the topic and the method of the
seminar and therefore each student will present a biblical text.
Assessment method: The final mark assesses the participation in the
seminar, the oral presentation offered and the final written paper.


  • Semestre: 1° Semestre
  • ECTS: 4


Laura Carmen PALADINO

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  • L.C. PALADINO, Dire bene di Dio, dire bene dell’uomo:
    le preghiere di benedizione nel Pentateuco e nei libri storici dell’Antico
    Testamento, Napoli 2012. Further bibliography will be indicated during the

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