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    Centro Cardinal Bea
  • Course
    Diploma in Studi Giudaici

Objectives and Content: The Holocaust has shaken to the core the
pillars of Jewish beliefs. Jewish Covenant theology has always interpreted
the events of Jewish history as being a significant expression of God’s will.
How is it therefore possible to argue today that the murder of more then
six millions Jews can be understood in such a way? Looking at the writings
of three major post-Holocaust theologians (Fackenheim, Rubenstein and
Berkovits), the course aims at exploring the depth of questioning and
doubts that define the current state of Jewish belief. While the main focus
of the class will be centred on Jewish theological writings, we will also look
at the way some Christian theologians have understood and responded to
these writings and ideas.
Method: After a general introduction, the course will be based on
readings of selected passages from Jewish theologians as well as Christian
texts responding and commenting on these texts. These readings will be
discussed critically, enabling the expression of various opinions so as to
generate a debate during the classes.
Evaluation: The evaluation will take the form of an oral examination.


  • Semestre: 1° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3



Lesson schedule

Semester Day From To Room Floor Building Notes
1° Semestre Martedì 10.30 11.15 T300 3 Transportina
1° Semestre Martedì 11.30 12.15 T300 3 Transportina


  • All documents will be given in class. These will mostly
    be based on the following: E. FACKENHEIM, God’s presence in History,
    New York/London 1970; __, To Mend the World, 1994; R. RUBENSTEIN,
    After Auschwitz, Maryland 1992; E. BERKOVITS, Faith after the Holocaust,
    New York 1973; A. H FRIEDLANDER, Out of the Whirlwind: a Reader of
    Holocaust Literature, New York 1968; __, Riders Towards the Dawn: From
    Ultimate Suffering to Tempered Hope, London 1993; D. W. HALIVIN,
    Breaking the Tablets, Maryland 2007; M. MCGARRY, Christology after
    Auschwitz, New York/Ramsey(NJ)/Toronto 1977; H. KNIGHT, Confessing
    Christ in a Post-Holocaust World. A Midrashic Experiment, Westport
    (CT)/London 2000.


Date Hours Room Exam From Letter To Letter Note
Jan 13, 2020 MATTINA 8:30 T202 Verbal A Z