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    Faculty of Missiology
  • Course
    Renewal Program for Missionaries

Scope: The main objective of this course is the study of the Sacred Scriptures in the context of our Catholic Faith in order to build and strengthen the foundations of the Mission, which Our Lord Jesus Christ entrusted to every baptized to bring the Good News to all the ends of the Earth. Furthermore, we aim to reflect on the importance of using new technologies and new methods in our evangelization processes ad intra and ad extra ecclesiae.
Content: The course begins by expounding on the basic concepts and criteria used in Biblical Sciences: Then it will present the Book of the Bible: traditions, the text, translations, manuscripts, papyri, codices, uncials, the Textus Receptus, and contemporary editions. In a second unit the course introduces the students to the Historical and Cultural background
(Sitz im Leben) in which Sacred Scriptures are embedded: A third unit is dedicated to explaining the Catholic principles for hermeneutics and exegesis. Emphasis is placed on teaching the methods used by the Fathers of the Church and Lectio Divina. Finally, a fourth unit concentrates on pastoral orientations which can help missionaries engage in Bible Schools at missions, parochial or group levels.
Method: The methods used in this course include: Lectures by the professor, active class discussions and activities based on the required readings; and pastoral presentations by the students.
Evaluation: Written exam


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3


Randy de Jesús SOTO
Randy de Jesús SOTO

Lesson schedule/Room

Semester Day From To Room Floor Building Notes
2° Semestre Martedì 8.30 9.15 TBD 0
2° Semestre Martedì 9.30 10.15 TBD 0


  • 1- S. HAHN, Faith and Revelation. Semester Edition, (Woodridge, 2009). 2- S. HAHN, Understanding the Scriptures. Semester
    Edition, (Woodridge, 2010). 3- D. SENIOR, Stuhlmueller, Carroll, The Biblical Foundations for Mission. Orbis Books, Maryknoll, New York, 1983. 4- The professor will present Magisterial Documents: Dei Verbum; Interpreting the Bible in the Catholic Church; Catechism on Scripture CCC §§ 101-141; Verbum Domini.