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Scope: The course will seek to answer the questions, does a spirituality shape our mission? How?
Content: The pilgrim church is missionary by her very nature (AG 2). From her very conception, her missionaries have been deeply spiritual persons,
i.e., men and women inflamed by the Spirit. This being so, the fundamentals of a missionary spirituality are articulated in the documents of Vat II (AG 29) and the succeeding Magisterium. The various dimensions of this
spirituality are Trinitarian, salvific, Pneumatological, Christological, Ecclesiological, pastoral, contemplative, anthropological and sociological (Cf. RM).
The course will dwell on each of these dimensions illustrating them with the path-breaking and lived missionary experiences of heroic men and women who have gone before us. These experiences, it is hoped, will inspire us to
seek and find a missionary spirituality adequate for our times in order to thrive ahead in the evangelising mission of Christ.
Method: A combination of inputs and interactive sessions.


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3


Paul Rolphy PINTO

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