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    Facoltà di Missiologia
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    Certificate Program

Scope: To know the wide reflection in the Catholic and ecumenical sphere on the complex relationship among mission, proclamation and
dialogue. To promote a missiological study on contemporary perspectives, especially in relation to believers of other religious traditions. To encourage
the student’s involvement through the presentation of one’s own reflection and analysis of one’s own context. To apply the knowledge acquired to
other courses.
Content: The course offers a theological-pastoral reflection on the relationship between mission, interreligious dialogue and Christian proclamation,
starting from the documents of the Second Vatican Council up to the present day and from the contribution of the various contemporary
theological perspectives. The course will examine the challenges from some cultural and religious contexts and the contribution of the local Churches
where dialogue with believers of other traditions is significant.
Methodology: Besides traditional lectures, the active involvement of the students through their personal insights is expected. The final evaluation will be carried out on the basis of an oral examination (in English,
Italian, Spanish)


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3



Lesson schedule

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  • A. BONGIOVANNI, Il dialogo interreligioso. Orientamenti
    per la formazione, EMI, Bologna 2008; D.J. BOSCH, Transforming mission: paradigm shifts in theology of mission, Orbis Book, Maryknoll (NY) 1991;
    F. GIOIA, (ed.), Il dialogo interreligioso nell’insegnamento ufficiale della Chiesa Cattolica (1963-2013), 3rd ed., Libreria Editrice Vaticana, Città del
    Vaticano 2013., F. GIOIA, (ed.), Interreligious Dialogue: The Official Teaching of the Catholic Church from the Second Vatican Council to John Paul II,
    1963-2005, Pauline Books & Media, Boston 2006, F. MERONI (Ed.), Mission Makes the Church, Aracne, Roma 2017. Selected readings will be provided to the students during the classes.

Lecture notes

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Date Hours Room Exam From Letter To Letter Note
Jun 11, 2020 MATTINA 9 - 12 T302 Verbal A Z


The course has active forum