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    Facoltà di Missiologia
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    Certificate Program , Licenza in Scienze Sociali con specializz. in Dottrina sociale della Chiesa ed Etica pubblica

Scope: The course intends to do the following: (1) Make the students familiar with the reality of globalization and its language; (2) facilitate a possible
interpretation of mission in the context of globalization and its impact on the missionary practice of the church today; (3) locate a possible horizon
for a missionary spirituality in the twenty-first century. The theme of globalization is quite vast as a topic thus after a general introduction on the
phenomenon of a globalizing world, the course intends to specifically deal with cultural globalization and its effects on the mission of the church in a
multicultural world.
Content: The course offers the student a long introduction on the phenomenon of globalization and its role as context for understanding the
mission of the church today. The challenge of globalization to the church’s mission can be a jumping board towards a deeper exploration of the possible pathways in which globalization can transform the existing mission paradigm and its models of missionary praxis. The course uses a Trinitarian
imagination conceptual framework in approaching missiologically the topic, in such a way that mission images the Trinity in the particular context of a global community which is multi-cultural, multi-polar, and multi-religious.
Method: The course uses two integrated approaches in dealing with the topic on globalization. The first approach is a thematic presentation of
a particular topic and the second approach is a planned interaction in order to bring out the intercultural nuances of contexts vis-à-vis globalization.The final requirement will be either an essay on a chosen topic or a research
project on cultural globalization.


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3



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