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    Institute of Spirituality
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    Licentiate in Spiritual Theology

Contents: This course will explore in depth the 139 extant letters exchanged between St. Ignatius and women. Of these, 89 were written by him and 50 from women to him. The purpose of the course is to discover the role that women played in the early days of the Society of Jesus. Who were these women? What are the major themes in the letters of Ignatius to them? What insights do they offer to women and men today who want to come to a deeper understanding of Ignatian spirituality? It will further explore select religious congregations inspired by St. Ignatius and his spirituality. Formative Objectives: By studying the letters of St. Ignatius to women, this course will allow participants to come to a deeper understanding of his spirituality and his relationship with women. It will also include a reflection on the joys and challenges as women embrace Ignatian spirituality in various contexts today. Teaching Method and Evaluation: The classes will include lectures, personal research, group work and presentation and the writing of a term paper


  • Semestre: 2° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3



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  • The Letters of Ignatius to Women, edited by H. Rahner, New York 2007; E. Rhodes, “Ignatius, Women, and the Leyenda de los santos” in R.A. Maryks, A Companion to Ignatius of Loyola: Life, Writings, Spirituality, Influence, Leiden\Boston 2014. Other bibliography will be suggested at the beginning of the course


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