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    Institute of Spirituality
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    Licentiate in Spiritual Theology

Objectives: Ignatian spirituality has a profound autobiographical character. Familiarity with his life, especially the experience of his conversion and the mystical life that followed it will help a better understanding of his spirituality. The course offers a comprehensive, though not exhaustive, vision of Ignatian spirituality, based especially on the writings Ignatius. Contents: 1. Juvenile formation. Revisiting his militaristic image. 2. Conversion: foundational experience. 3. Spiritual Exercises: spiritual and theological development. 4. Characteristics of his mystical experience. 5. Ecclesial and communitarian dimensions of Ignatian spirituality: the Society of Jesus. 6. Evangelising mission and socio-cultural praxis: “contemplative in action”. Methodology: Classroom lectures. Criteria of evaluation: 1. A brief five-page assignment on a chosen theme from Ignatian Spirituality. The student’s capacity for personal synthesis and reflection will be evaluated. 2. An oral exam based on the contents of the course dealt in the class. The student’s capacity to assimilate the course material and its personal integration will be evaluated


  • Semestre: 1° Semestre
  • ECTS: 3


Paul Rolphy PINTO
Paul Rolphy PINTO

Lesson schedule

Semester Day From To Room Floor Building Notes
1° Semestre Martedì 8.30 9.15 TBD 0
1° Semestre Martedì 9.30 10.15 TBD 0


  • Dalmases, C. de, Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, his life and work, Anand 1985; Egan, H.D., Ignatius Loyola the Mystic, Collegeville (MN) 199; Guibert, J. de, The Jesuits, Their Spiritual Doctrine and Practice: A Historical Study, Chicago 1964; Comerford, B., The Pilgrim’s Story: The Life and Spirituality of St Ignatius Loyola, Dublin 2017; R. García Mateo, S. Ignazio di Loyola: persona, mistica, spiritualità, Dispensa, PUG, Roma 2002; Id., Mística trinitaria: Ignacio de Loyola, Teresa de Jesús, Juan de Ávila, Roma 2015

Lecture notes

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