The Pontifical Gregorian University, due to its international nature, is paying close attention to recent events concerning the New Coronavirus 2019 (2019-nCoV), which originated in China - specifically in the city of Wuhan, Hubei Province.


Reassuring that no cases related to Coronavirus 2019 have been identified within our university community, however, we recommend following the precautionary measures issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, asking all those (students, teachers, non-teaching staff and collaborators) who have recently returned from a trip to China or are currently there and are planning their return to Italy, to pay special attention to their health conditions by adopting the following guidelines that apply, however, in general also to all the other people:

1) If you have traveled to one of the affected areas and have been back for less than 14 days, it is recommended not to go to crowded places or, better, to stay inside your homes, at least for a period of two weeks.

2) In the event of the onset of symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties, or common symptoms of the flu, please contact your doctor or the number set up by the Ministry of Health (1500) as soon as possible to receive adequate information. The call center answers in Italian, Chinese and English.

3) It is recommended to take care of the hygiene of the hands (wash them often with soap and water or alcoholic solutions) and of the respiratory tract (sneeze or cough in a handkerchief or with the elbow flexed, throw the used tissues in a closed basket immediately after use and wash hands); keep safe food practices (avoid raw or undercooked meat, unwashed fruit or vegetables and unwrapped drinks) and avoid close contact, whenever possible, with anyone who shows symptoms of respiratory diseases such as coughing and sneezing.

We also invite those who intend to travel to China shortly to follow the advice of the Ministry of Health and, in the case of students from our University enrolled in study and work abroad programs, to contact the program contact person to receive information on precautionary measures.

The Administration of the Pontifical Gregorian University will continue to constantly monitor the situation, together with the competent authorities, and will provide the university community with any updates. Furthermore, the sanitization and sanitization operations of the more crowded environments will be intensified.


The Administrative Vice Rector

Pontifical Gregorian University