Diploma in Leadership and Management

Diploma in Leadership and Management

Also in the year 2020-2021 the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Alberto Hurtado Faith and Culture Centre propose the course Leaders - Diploma in Leadership and Management. The annual course offers not only technical content, but also a political and ecclesial vision, as well as a commitment to ethical reflection on leadership and management.


The Diploma in Leadership and Management also confirms itself as a useful formula for updating one’s skills and enriching the tools with which to observe, read and evaluate institutional dynamics, the quality of one’s participation and presence in the world of work, civil society and the Church.


Registration is open from 15 September to 15 October 2020. In order to overcome any restrictions due to the effects of Covid-19, there will be integrated teaching between classroom presence and online training. Learning through the places of the educational tradition and Roman ecumenicalism will be enriched by the opportunities offered by the digital world, to facilitate greater and better student participation.


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