GREGORIANUM - First Issue 2020

GREGORIANUM - First Issue 2020

Issue 101/1 (2020) of the magazine "Gregorianum" is available, quarterly published by the Gregorian University

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  • Benoit Vermander S.I. - «One plan for one world»
  • Mariusz Szram - Origen's castration. Solely a spiritual phenomenon? An Attempt of Reinterpreting the Sources
  • Francesco Vermigli - Figli di Dio per adozione
  • Gaetano Piccolo, S.I. - La narrazione come luogo di riconoscimento di sè nel tempo. Le Confessiones di Agostino d’Ippona
  • Pavulraj Michael, S.I. - The dynamics of “demandar lo que quiero y deseo” in the key meditations of the spiritual exercises
  • Thomas P. Sherman, S.I. - How can I live my life well and know that I am doing so?
  • Lancy Monteiro, S.I. - Pluralists perspectives and christian doctrine

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