Open course on "Synod" and "synodality

"In the one People of God, let us journey together,
in order to experience a Church that receives and lives this gift of unity,
and is open to the voice of the Spirit"

(Pope Francis, 9 October 2021)


Starting on Friday 26 November, the Faculty of Theology of the Pontifical Gregorian University will launch the course "Synod" and "synodality": theologic approaches, addressed to its students and open to all those who care about the life of the Church. The start of the synodal process also challenges theology to deepen the theme of the "constitutively synodal Church", in order to integrate visions and skills, experiences and questions, traditions and attentive readings to the "signs of the times".

In twelve meetings, each one divided into two parts, the professors of the Faculty of Theology will address the topic from different perspectives. In the first session (meetings 1-6) they will address the question: "Where are we with synodality?", aiming to clarify the main impulses that constitute the theological foundation of the synodal Church. In the second one (meetings 7-12), the themes encountered in the first session will be taken up again in a transdisciplinary perspective, involving other scholars, engaged in related fields of research.

The aim of all the meetings is to create a wide space for listening and sharing among the participants, both in the classroom and online, thus implementing the synodal process to develop, even in theology, a truly synodal style.


Online registration is open until 15 December at this link. Participation is free of charge for Gregorian University students, who will be required to submit a final paper evaluated by a professor of the Department of Dogmatic Theology. For external participants the cost is € 20; the final paper will not be required. For futher informations: [email protected]

Course Program

The twelve meetings will be held from 26 November 2021 to 1th April 2022, on Fridays, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm.
For the calendar and specific topics covered, see the Course Program.

How to participate

The course will take place in presential mode for Gregorian University students, and in online mode for external participants. The course corresponds to 3ECTS and can be considered as a refresher course for IRC teachers (Italy).



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