The first one hundred years of Gregorianum

The first one hundred years of Gregorianum

The journal Gregorianum celebrates its first one hundred years, during which it has participated to the main debates the Roman Catholic Church has faced. Its first issue was published in January 1920. The journal contains previously unpublished scientific works on Holy Scripture, Theology (Fundamental, Dogmatic, Patristic, Moral), Spirituality and Philosophy; contributions are written in French, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German. «On occasion of the hundredth anniversary, the fourth issue of 2019 will be dedicated to the journal development during this period», explains the current director, Fr. Henryk Pietras SJ

The issue will be available also in electronic format:

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Content Index - Gregorianum 100/4 (2019)

HENRYK PIETRAS, S.I., Presentazione

PAUL GILBERT, S.I ., Storia della rivista Gregorianum

FRANCESCO GRAZIANO – † JACEK ONISZCZUK, S.I., «Ciò che i nostri padri ci hanno raccontato, non lo terremo nascosto ai nostri figli» (Sal 78). Gregorianum e la Bibbia

HENRYK PIETRAS, S.I., Patrologia in Gregorianum

AMAURY BEGASSE DE DHAEM, S.I., Per ipsum, et cum ipso et in ipso. Gesù Cristo, «il Salvatore del mondo» (Gv 4,42)

PHILIPP RENCZES, S.I ., «Wie kann man eine Wasserscheide verschieben?» Gregorianum und die Bedeutung der Eigenwirklichkeit menschlicher Natur im «natürlichen Verlangen nach dem bernatürlichen»

STELLA MORRA – FERENC PATSCH, S.I., «Rendere ragione della speranza» in Gregorianum. Dall’Apologetica classica alla Teologia fondamentale

PAVULRAJ MICHAEL, S.I ., Roots and wings of ignatian spirituality in Gregorianum

JACQUINEAU AZÉTSOP, S.I. – RENÉ M. MICALLEF, S.I. – DIEGO I. MEZA, S.I. – PAUL E. TANG, S.I ., Hervé Carrier’s thought on tertiary education applied to contemporary Pontifical Universities in Rome

GAETANO PICCOLO, S.I., Quella parte suprema dell’umana speculazione… Sviluppi e interrogativi della metafisica in Gregoriana

JOSEPH JOBLIN, S.I. – RENÈ M. MICALLEF, S.I., Réflexion sur un siècle d’histoire sociale. Entretien avec un observateur