UNHCR Manifesto on an Inclusive University


The Pontifical Gregorian University adheres to the Manifesto on an Inclusive University proposed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).
Universities offer an important opportunity to young refugees, representing a fundamental step on their path to social inclusion. Only 3% of refugees globally, according to UNHCR, have access to higher education, compared to an average of 37% globally.

In response to these challenges, and building on the sensitivity and commitment shown by Universities on this front, UNHCR has proposed a Manifesto on an Inclusive University to promote refugees' access to university education and foster social integration and active participation in academic life.

Adhering to this Manifesto contributes to the valorisation and use of knowledge for the social, cultural and economic development of society in the following general principles:

1. Equality and non-discrimination.
2. Welcoming
3. Knowledge
4. Integration
5. Valuing differences
6. Participation
The Pontifical Gregorian University responded positively to the UNHCR appeal, adhering to the Manifesto of the Inclusive University with a resolution of the Governing Council on 8 November 2022, formalising its adhesion on 26 January 2023.

For more information: https://www.unhcr.org/it/manifesto-on-an-inclusive-university/



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