XX Study Day of Fundamental Theology

XX Study Day of Fundamental Theology

The Faculty of Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University has taken the initiative of shifting the XX Study Day of his Department of Fundamental Theology to a video format.

The conference theme is "Who is the Human Person? New Questions in Time of Crisis."  The first step was posting a video on the https://www.youtube.com/unigregoriana. This will be followed by discussion groups, based on the video, among the 100-or so students and staff of the Department.

In the video two "visiting professors" - Sister Christiana Idika, DMMM (Institut für Weltkirche und Mission, Frankfurt/Main) and Fr. Thomas Hughson, S.J. (Marquette University, Milwaukee) - are interviewed by Fr. Ferenç Patsch S.J., who is Director of the Department of Fundamental Theology, and Fr. Gerard Whelan S.J. The talks have been carefully subtitled in Italian so that all our students can understand them (the relations begins at minute 7 of this 70-minute video.)

The Dean of Theology, Fr. Philipp Renczes S.J., has asked the organizers to open up the conference process to other members of the Theology Faculty. Fr. Renczes explain that this initiative could be the beginning of a wider process whereby the Gregorian University begins to reflect theologically on the significance of the current crisis.