• Dialogo di bellezza: Icone e manoscritti arabo-cristiani

Dialogo di bellezza: Icone e manoscritti arabo-cristiani

FORUM Islam-Cristianesimo

After a brief introduction on the historical context of the city of Aleppo during the 17th and 18th centuries, we present the birth and development of the iconographic "school/atelier" from Aleppo through its four generations of artists. Although following the Byzantine and Russian iconographic canons, the manuscripts and the icons produced often have their own characteristics that distinguish them. The various elements of the local Arab-Islamic culture are integrated into a creative synthesis that comes to "arabize" the iconographic art of Byzantium, in a real "dialogue of beauty" that has managed to "inculturate" Christian art in an Arabic and Islamic environment.
Event date Nov 18, 2019
Hours: 18:00
Event organizer: Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies
Event Category: Forum Islam-Cristianesimo
Room: C009

Pontifical Gregorian University
Piazza della Pilotta, 4
00187 Roma

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Room: T-203
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Speaker: Prof. Pierre Masri
Moderator: P. Laurent Basanese S.J.