Elogio della follia di Erasmo da Rotterdam

  • Elogio della follia di Erasmo da Rotterdam

Elogio della follia di Erasmo da Rotterdam

Tra labirinti e biblioteche - I grandi libri della tradizione cristiana

Considered one of the most influential literary works of modern Western civilization, "Elogio della Follia" was written in 1509, anticipating many of the topics that a few years later would also be adopted by Martin Luther. A small, openly and strongly satirical essay on the Church, dedicated to another giant of his time, Thomas More, the "Elogio" is considered one of the emblematic results of that "Christian humanism" that loved the Church so much that it wanted it to become better than it showed. 

Fr. Stefano Del Bove s.j., professor of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the WYP and Chaplain of the University will take care of the introduction to the essay.

Date Feb 16, 2021
Hours: 17:30
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