Foundations of Integral Ecology

  • Foundations of Integral Ecology

Foundations of Integral Ecology

On Feb. 28, the presentation of the volume Foundations of Integral Ecology will take place in Room C012, in which the various Authors aim to analyze the "foundations" of one of the main insights of the Encyclical Laudato si' (LS): integral ecology, a complex and multidimensional concept that unfolds from a long-term perspective. It calls for a new language and vision that, going beyond the mere environmental dimension, offers ample room for research and development in a multiplicity of fields.

An adequate deepening of integral ecology requires the adoption of an interdisciplinary approach, based on the awareness that everything is intimately interconnected. With this in mind, this volume is intended to consolidate a dialogue under three different perspectives: social sciences, philosophy and theology. Each of them is investigated through various contributions aimed at answering the question "what are the foundations of integral ecology?" while trying to identify operational paths for the future. The various contributions in the book make it clear that we are facing a cultural, spiritual and educational challenge that highlights the need for a real "change of course." At the same time, the book remains a harbinger of hope, recognizing that the ecological crisis represents both a challenge and an opportunity, a privileged moment of stimulus for "conversion" - individual and communal - and more authentic living.

The presentation on Feb. 28 will attempt to analyze the three aforementioned perspectives, thanks to the interventions of three Academics capable of "entering into dialogue" with other disciplines: Prof. Fr. Mauro Mantovani, professor of Theoretical Philosophy at the Pontifical Salesian University, of which he was Rector; Prof. Marco Magnani, professor of International Economics at LUISS; and Prof. Stella Morra, professor of Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, in which she is also Director of the "Alberto Hurtado" Centre for Faith and Culture.

Date Feb 28, 2023
Hours: From 17:30 To 19:15
Organizer: Faculty of Missiology,Faculty of Philosophy,Faculty of Social Sciences,Faculty of Theology
Category: Book Presentation
Room: C012

Pontificia Università Gregoriana
Piazza della Pilotta, 4
I-00187 Roma

Mandatory registration is required for participation. Registration deadline: February 27, 2023
Live streaming will be available at the following link:

For further information:

Paolo CONVERSI, Coordinatore dell’Osservatorio Laudato Si’, Pontifica Università Gregoriana

h. 17:30 – 17:50

P. Philipp Gabriel RENCZES, SJ, Decano della Facoltà di Teologia,
Pontificia Università Gregoriana

P. Gaetano PICCOLO, SJ, Decano della Facoltà di Filosofia
Pontificia Università Gregoriana

P. Peter LAH, SJ, Decano della Facoltà di Scienze Sociali
Pontificia Università Gregoriana

P. Bryan LOBO, SJ, Decano della Facoltà di Missiologia,
Pontificia Università Gregoriana

h. 17:50 – 18:50

La prospettiva della Filosofia Prof. Mauro MANTOVANI, docente di Filosofia Teoretica,
Pontifica Università Salesiana

La prospettiva delle Scienze Sociali Prof. Marco MAGNANI, docente di Economia Internazionale,
Università Luiss Guido Carli

La prospettiva della Teologia Prof.ssa Stella MORRA, docente di Teologia e Direttrice del Centro Fede e Cultura “Alberto Hurtado”,
Pontificia Università Gregoriana.

h. 18:50 – 19:10

h. 19:10 – 19:15