«L'incontro fatto cultura»: L'esperienza di Charles de Foucauld

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«L'incontro fatto cultura»: L'esperienza di Charles de Foucauld

Following in the footsteps given to us by Pope Francis - who counts Charles de Foucauld among the inspirers of his encyclical Fratelli Tutti - we would like to reveal an aspect of Brother Charles' life and ministry which is not well known: his intense commitment to the study of the Tuareg language and culture, "with the desire to dialogue and seek points of contact with them." Study that made him an expert still sought after and studied today.

Date Apr 26, 2021
Hours: 18:00
Organizer: Gregorian Centre for Interreligious Studies
Category: Islam-Christianism Forum
Room: Online
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Speaker: Rev. Fr. Andrea Mandonico
Moderator: Dr. Emma Caroleo

Online Event
YouTube live streaming: http://bit.ly/interreligioustudies
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