Ontologia etica della persona

  • Ontologia etica della persona

Ontologia etica della persona

Today, the use of the term "person" is widespread in the most diverse spheres, from the language of daily relationships, where it is significantly associated with the tasks of care, to that of work relations, from political communication to advertising; it is also present in the various institutional spheres and, in the current conjuncture, is used to qualify the mission of the health service. On the one hand, such a wide and capillary use can be considered as a sign of the indispensable value of the person and of interpersonal relationships; on the other hand, it exposes itself to the risk of both inflation and instrumental declination. On the other hand, it exposes itself to the risk of both inflation and instrumental declination. The latter can perhaps give rise to critical or even negative interpretations of the "person" (think of certain versions of biopolitical philosophy), which label it as a mask of the ideology of power and as a device for splitting up the human being.

Without any pretension of completeness, the Conference aims to enter into the merits of fundamental questions. The first session will be dedicated to the ontological and theological consideration of the person; the second session to its relationship with truth and freedom in the confrontation with the positions that deny its possibility (think, among other things, of the instances of radical relativism and certain deterministic outcomes of neuroscience as well as the restrictive experiences of expressions of freedom); the third session will be devoted to an in-depth study of applicative aspects such as the sphere of the responsible exercise of rights and the sphere of training in the exercise of truth and freedom, in an educational landscape in which it is necessary to build a balanced relationship between the whole person and the partial advantages of technologies.

As a whole, the Conference aims to make a significant contribution to the current debate on the person and to the affirmation of his or her value, at a time when the realization of the person, with the pursuit of the dignity of the human being that hinges on it, can represent the concrete utopia capable of giving meaning and unifying tension to efforts capable of effectively opposing the growing processes of dispersion and fragmentation, as well as exasperated conflict.

Date dal Sep 23, 2021 al Sep 25, 2021
Organizer: Philosophy
Category: Conference
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