Prendersi cura dell'Umano: per una ecologia interiore

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Prendersi cura dell'Umano: per una ecologia interiore

Fundamental Theology Day 2021

The current crisis (technologies, mass and social media, transhumanism, politics, economics, environment, pandemic...) shows how post-modernity questions the anthropological presuppositions of Christian Revelation. The Department of Fundamental Theology takes on these questions in the midst of various cultures. Jean-Guilhem Xerri will help us grasp some possible answers to make our humanity livable today. For him, both psychoanalysis and the Fathers of the Church allow us to practice a true "inner ecology".

Date Mar 8, 2021
Hours: From 10:30 To 12:55
Organizer: Theology
Category: Webinar
Room: Online
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Book Author: Prenditi cura della tua anima: una ecologia interiore [Queriniana, 2020]