Quando la divinità si nasconde [ES 196] - L'anzianità e il dolore

“Dio mio, Dio mio perché mi hai abbandonato?” (Sal 22 (21), 2)
L’ANZIANITA’ E IL DOLORE, Prof. J. Emilio González Magaña S.I.

Failure, sickness and pain, ageing and death, as well as "our crosses and afflictions must not be considered as evils that make us suffer nor as mortifications that dishearten us at the eyes of the world; but must be considered, following the example of Our Lord, in the eternal plans of God, in the dispositions of His Providence, in the aims of His love for us, in the Heart of Jesus, who chose them for us". (Louis Llallemant, Doctrine spirituelle, 243 s; 81 s).

Event date May 28, 2020
Hours: From 17:30 To 18:30
Event organizer: Institute of Spirituality
Event Category: Study Days
Room: C012

Pontificia Università Gregoriana
Piazza della Pilotta, 4
I-00187 Roma

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