Diploma in Ignatian Spirituality

Diploma in Ignatia SpiritualityThe Ignatian Spirituality Center offers a program to students through the Institute of Spirituality that takes place in one year or in e longer time, at the end of which the student obtains the Diploma in Ignatian Spirituality.


Lay people, priests and religious


  • Knowledge of discernment methods
  • Personal development of own relationship with the Lord
  • Improving own service to others


The courses and seminars to achieve the Ignatian Spirituality diploma take place for two semesters, or in a longer time with a personalized program according to the candidate's needs, for a total of 60 ECTS.


Prospective candidates should contact the Director through the Secretariat of the Institute of Spirituality ([email protected]).

New Students can enroll beginning 1 September 2022; students who already have a registration number at the
Pontifical Gregorian University can complete their registration for the Diploma beginning 28 July 2022.

For further information about registration and expenses:
Secretary of the Institute of Spirituality
Tel.: 06 6701 5186
E-mail: [email protected]