Jun 10, 2019

The Joint Research Group Center for Interreligious Studies-PISAI was officially born, working on the theme: "The Document on Human Brotherhood: Theological, Philosophical and Social Reflections and Developments". The referents of the research group are the two directors of the respective Institutions: the Dean of PISAI P. Diego Sarriò Cucarella and the Director of the Gregorian Center for Interreligious Studies, P. Laurent Basanese. The members of the group are nine representatives of the two Institutions: Valentino Cottini, Lorenzo Maggioni, Adnane Mokrani, Wasim Salman, Ambrogio Bongiovanni, Andrea Mandonico, Federico Stella, Virgilio Sottana and Jason Welle.

Link: http://3obop.r.bh.d.sendibt3.com/mk/mr/eUMW9Rs_XTx0GBa53m5np3yJgaKTSY5YHY6e_9PV8JWgiXC-y4_ZFY8CsrA-n0eUOK4MJfc6bAvtLZOQKGzLqZLJo9EyTNWoBNIXJjrdJ8I