Our History

“La Gregoriana” is the institutional information periodical of the Pontifical Gregorian University. Originally conceived as a mimeograph for internal use (Informazione PUG, 1970), it took the form of a magazine in the 1990s. Today “La Gregoriana” is published annually in Italian and English, as well as in digital format.

These pages aim to give voice and face to the richness of the academic and community life that has been handing down and enhancing its experience since 1551. Inside you will find updates on the academic degrees and titles awarded by the university, annual statistics on enrolments and teaching staff, some thematic in-depth analyses, a review of scientific publications, the chronicle of events and conferences, and where you can review and listen to them again.

“La Gregoriana” does not want to be only an instrument of communication, but also of communion: students of today, yesterday and tomorrow, friends and benefactors, will recognise something of themselves in it... the desire to grow together in virtue and in science. Ad maiorem Dei gloriam.