Activities and Projects

The double soul of the Library, the university one and the historical one, and above all the awareness of preserving a heritage that represents one of the excellences of the Pontifical Gregorian University, lead to the idea of having on site a point of first conservative intervention, where the Ancient and Rare Fund, a collection that has suffered the brunt of time and of historical vicissitudes, could be “cured”. The Library is activating internships on restoration and conservation to be held at the internal Laboratory with higher education Institutions; these internships are structured taking into account the students’ various technical-operational abilities, contemplating interventions of different entity, from the simple dusting and basic conservative measures, to the implementation of complete restorations.

The Project intends to enhance the Library’s Ancient and Rare Fund through a process that starts from the computerized cataloguing of works and volumes and reaches exhibition experiences, in order to start cultural processes and spread the knowledge of the history of Jesuit libraries.

The need for a qualitative revision of the Periodical Collection led, first of all, to the evaluation of the Active Periodicals Section. The next phase of the Project foresees that the Library, together with its Council and the Academic Units, will examine the closed periodicals in view of a possible weeding, within a more general plan of collection review.

The Project includes the integration of the Library and Historical Archives catalogues, aiming to amplify the research and retrieve of all documentary resources, printed and manuscripts, preserved by the Pontifical Gregorian University.

The Project aims to ensure fluidity and transparency in the handling and consultation of the Library patrimony. Traceability of the book through the adoption of RFID technology and the computerized management of reading requests procedure, infact, allow to know the location of a book in the Library, its availability or unavailability, and to check the consultation time of a resource and its returning to the warehouses.