The Library has over 3,700 hard copy titles, of which nearly 1,300 are current subscriptions and over 400 available also in electronic version.

The entire collection is freely and directly accessible for consultation, with the exception of periodicals published before 1861, those belonging to Special Library Funds, and those in big format. To view the periodicals not available on open shelves, you have to submit a special request at the Distribution and Handling of Patrimony Service.

The collection is distributed in several spaces, accessible from the walkways of the two main reading rooms. Specifically, the Reading Room 1 walkway holds loose issues of the current year of all the subscribed titles. The issues of the previous years are bound and placed on a shelf in chronological order. Volumes of the same title are placed together and positioned according to the subject area of specialization.

Classification System

To classify semantically the periodicals owned, manage their conservation, facilitate their retrieval and usage, the Library has adopted a system that allows them to group the periodicals, conceptually and physically, in relation to the main discipline of specialization covered by each of them.
The classification system consists of 27 classes, using the letters of the alphabet. Thus the positioning of periodicals is designated by a letter of the alphabet corresponding to the specialization class, followed by a number.
The chart below shows, in alphabetical order, the disciplinary areas, followed by the letter used to classify them, the percentage held within the entire collection and location details.

Electronic Catalogue

All the printed and electronic periodicals acquired for individual subscriptions are catalogued and accessed directly through the catalogue. In addition to the usual parameters, advanced search allows selection of the results through two filters: for the entire Periodicals Collection and for the Current Periodicals subgroup.

ANCP (National Collective Archives of Periodicals)

In order to find out in real time which are the latest printed issues that arrived in the Library, it is possible to use the ACNP Catalogue: once you’ve searched for the journal title, selecting the item “Holding→ Issues received”, you will get the list of the most recent numbers.

Since 2017 the Library has participated in the ACNP URBE project that allows federated research in the periodical catalogues of the Libraries that joined the Network.

Book Binding

At the end of the year, periodical issues are bound in volumes. By checking the list of periodicals at binding, it is possible to verify which titles/years are not currently available in the Library.

Electronic Periodicals

The electronic catalogue receives the electronic periodicals of which the Library also has printed version or for which it has made a direct subscription. Access to the entire collection, including titles available through databases, along with a selection of open access publications is done through the Full Text Finder Publication virtual catalogue, where it is possible to search for periodicals by title, ISSN or subject. The source that hosts the content (database, platform or other) of each is specified, with a direct link to articles in full text.

For the electronic periodicals apply the same access mode and terms of use of all electronic resources.

User Education

The Library offers to its users training sessions on periodicals. The Library is also available to arrange meetings upon request by contacting the Management.