The Library at the time of COVID-19

Vademecum on access and services


The Library reopens to the public by making all governmental indications on the COVID-19 infection containment its own, in strict compliance with the hygienic and sanitary measures, and the recommendations on the management of environments, on the treatment of materials, and, in general, on the protection of the health of users and staff. For this purpose, in agreement with the Academic Authorities and with the technical departments of the University, special protocols have been prepared.

For the program to be successful, the collaboration and sense of responsibility of all users, called to show adaptability and to observe some simple rules, remain fundamental.

The reopening during the Phase 2 of the emergency it is not a condition of normality, therefore access and services will be ad hoc regulated, differently from the ordinary, and disciplined as follows.

Access and Stay

Access and stay in the Library are mainly aimed at consulting works and scientific documentation in paper format, they comply with a daily fixed quota and are possible by electronically pre-booking the entrance via moBi, the platform to manage and request volumes for consultation: users can check the availability of seats in real time and book the daily entrance choosing between two time slots, morning and / or afternoon. In this regard, it should be noted that the Library opening hours are unchanged, except for closing from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m., an interval necessary for the room sanitization between the end of the first shift and the beginning of the second one. 

Institutional users can book the entrance using the credentials in their possession. For external users, only annual, quarterly and monthly Library cards are issued and /or renewed; issue of weekly and daily cards is suspended. Card issue and / or renewal takes place electronically by writing to [email protected]; once registration is complete, it will be possible to book the entrance using the creden-tials provided. 

To minimize the risk of contagion, during the entire period of stay in the Library spaces it is mandatory to wear a mask, frequently sanitize hands using the dispensers located in the various rooms, and comply with the social distancing.

At the arrival, while it is recommended to keep organized queues, the Reception staff provides all necessary information for orientation, gives each user the key to the locker for storing their personal belongings, and assigns the number of the study station to be used, same as the locker number; please note that the locker key must be always returned at the exit.

Users must occupy and maintain the station assigned to them, so that the distancing measures are respected and the surface sanitization, programmed between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m., is allowed; they are also invited to limit movement within the Library and to strictly observe the distancing rules, especially while moving in tight spaces and between shelves.

The Periodical Collection stored on open shelves on the Second Floor can be consulted freely but by complying with all the safety measures already mentioned. Also, the Course Reserves Room and the Exhibition Room are accessible by only one user at a time.


Volumes stored in the warehouses can be requested in consultation through the moBi platform, according to the usual procedure; please note that the "Maneat" and "Prenotazioni" functions are temporarily disabled. Pick-up and drop-off take place as always in the Distribution Room, where access is required one at a time.

On this occasion, please note that copy machines, given the reduction of those in use in order to guarantee social distancing, must be used for the strictly necessary time and in the terms provided for by the copyright legislation.


Loan Service is active for entitled categories of users and it is provided in the usual ways, that is through the use of the self-loan station. Returned volumes must be placed in special containers to allow staff to daily carry out the necessary quarantine procedures; the containers, which must be closed after use, are positioned next to the self-loan station. It is forbidden to directly relocate volumes, even those belonging to the open shelf collection. Once the quarantine period is over, volumes will be made available again.

Electronic Resources

To ensure users a complete coverage on all disciplines for which the University organizes courses, study, and research, the Library has expanded its offer of electronic resources, accessible also outside the University through the OpenAthens login service. Various databases and thousands of academic and scientific ejournals and e-books guarantee the quality of online documentary offer.

Some video tutorials are available on the DigiPoint platform to facilitate a first orientation.

Online Services

In an attempt to compensate for the current limitation of face-to-face services, online services are enhanced. Specifically, please note the Document Delivery Service and the new "Ask the Librarian" live chat system, that provides timely, dynamic, and simple assistance on services and resources. The chat, whose widget is present on all the Library Web pages, is currently active from Monday to Friday, from 11:00 to 12:00 a.m.

In any case, for all news and updates it is recommended to periodically consult the Library online bulletin board.

Finally, please note that, during the emergency phase, part of the staff is in smart working, therefore the e-mail is the preferred medium for any contact.

Services and Sections Synopsis

Reception and Orientation Active
Distribution and Handling of Patrimony Active
Loan Active
Document Delivery Active
User Education Active
Guided Tours Suspended
Exhibition Active
Bulletins Active
Course Reserves Active


Acquisition Active
Classification Active
Cataloguing and Catalogue Revision Active
Periodicals Active
Electronic Resources Active
Labeling Active
Book Binding Active
Prevention, Conservation, and Restoration Active

The Library thanks all its users for their attention and collaboration!