The project was born out of the request for musical activity by the students of the University, in harmony with the ancient musical tradition of the Collegio Romano, from which descends the Pontifical Gregorian University. It aims to fulfil its specific role alongside all the musical initiatives promoted by religious institutions connected to the University. The exceptional nature of the mission of the Gregorian University calls for special attention, which the project places at the centre of its program since the beginning, and increasingly more and more, thanks to the experience and contributions of those who support it.

The idea of ‘choir’ in a wide sense is the guiding formula of such a project, in the sense that it aims at a plural convergence of people and spirits that can be made audible in a harmonic sound expression, as much plural as the composition of the student body of the University gathered in one faith. Obviously, the voice –‘locus excelsus’ for those who are Christians– has a leading role. Anyway, instruments are also welcome.

Repertoires are selected among a wide panoply of music, both contemporary religious practice and the enormous basin of past Christian music from Europe, Africa, Asia and America. Special attention is given to the more representative musical traditions along history. The work on the repertoire itself constitutes a stimulus to historical and anthropological, liturgical, aesthetic and theological deepening.

The outcome of the choral activity is also incarnated by performances and the participation in liturgical celebrations, as well as in occasions and ceremonies within the academic life.

The choir is open to all interested students. Please, check our contacts in order to get in touch with us.

Giorgio Monari
Choir Conductor and Musicologist