The Spiritual Exercises in Ordinary Life (EVO) give everyone the opportunity to experience the "Ignatian Month". A proposal that does not replace one spirituality with another, but deepens the encounter with Christ in one's life.

The Spiritual Exercises in Ordinary Life are divided into three parts:

Weekly joint meeting. The structure adopted for the EVOs in the Gregorian is very simple. A weekly common meeting for all - on Wednesdays, after the last hour of lesson - in which "instructions" on the method of the Exercises and on how to put them into practice daily, in individual prayer are preached. After the common meeting, the material of the meeting (including audio recording) will be made available on the website to the students enrolled, it will be the responsibility of each participant to consult the material.

Personal daily prayer. In the first part of the journey, for each week, five tracks are proposed for prayer and two exercises called "repetitions" for the individual prayer of the participants; then, advancing along the path of the Exercises, four prayers and two repetitions. Prayer cues are generally written by the director of the Exercises, but some guide also contribute. As Christmas approaches and the birth of Jesus is contemplated, for example, the women guides will be asked to offer their contribution from the privileged perspective of the woman.

Personal meetings with the spiritual guide. Each participant is then personally accompanied by a spiritual guide with whom, through some interviews, the spiritual dynamics set in motion by the Exercises practiced in everyday life are verified.

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