First Cycle

Presentation of the First Cycle

Who's God? Who is man? What can man - willed by the Creator as his free interlocutor - believe, hope and love, responding with the openness of the heart to the saving words and gestures raised up by God in history? How does Jesus Christ, true God and true man, introduce us into the mystery of the Trinity and help us to face with humility and courage the challenges that life, with its paradoxes, continually proposes to us?

After the study of philosophy, which encourages the mind to seek "hidden wisdom" (cf. 1 Cor 2:7) in the world, theology proposes itself with the force of "reasonable audacity", and calls man to commit himself to the understanding of faith in a God who is the eternal Word, the fountain wisdom of truth unfolded in Creation and Revelation. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, this Word was incarnated in Jesus of Nazareth. He fulfills the Scriptures and invites all humanity to enter into the New and Eternal Covenant sealed by his own Blood.

With its courses and seminars, the formative offer of the First Cycle of Theology intends to present itself as a precious tool for learning to listen, through Scripture and the Tradition of the Church, to this God who speaks to us, questions us and calls us to dialogue with Him. Starting from the various courses of study - biblical, dogmatic, fundamental, moral, patristic, spiritual, pastoral, historical, ecumenical, interreligious, canonical - inherent to the articulation of a basic theological knowledge, the institutional cycle aims, in three years, to develop an organic and integral vision of Theological Science, and ends with the attainment of the Baccalaureate in Theology. In Rome, the living center of the Catholic Church, the Pontifical Gregorian University keeps alive the tradition of offering a privileged place to study and do theology in a university and universal context.

How to apply for the First cycle

For those who enroll for the first time in the First cycle in Theology

  • Students must submit their dossier of previous studies (in photocopy). They will then collect the answer for their application.
  • Those who have attended philosophy at the Pontifical Gregorian University, should only submit the forms for "enrolment in courses" and "seminars".
  • Each student, without exception, must complete and submit the form relating to Latin and Greek.
  • Each student who intends to request a dispensation from a prescribed course of the first cycle, must submit this request at the time of the first registration for all courses of the three-year period. Subsequent requests cannot be accepted.

For those who move to the 2nd or 3rd year of the First cycle

  • Students who last academic year were already enrolled as ordinary students in the first cycle and who now intend to continue with the second or third year, do not need the Dean's signature on the "registration form" or on the "seminar form", except in cases where they have more than two outstanding exams (including the seminar paper).
  • To attend an optional course not included in the list of the Faculty (see Ordo), you must sign the Dean before enrolling in the course